Dog Swimming Weekend… Sunday, Jun 8 2008 

Well this weekend was one I haven’t had for such a long time… somewhat relaxing.  Except for the crazy weather we had Friday we lucked out with HOT 90+ degree weather… Thank god… considering its been raining here like we were in Oregon or something.

I do have to report on a big event that occurred this weekend… Ginger, for those of you who don’t know Ginger… she is my little Yorkie Poo who is about 7lbs and about 2 years old… mind you the cutiest dog you’ve ever seen. Well she swam… may not seem like a big deal to you all but to Pat and I it was the funniest thing ever… I am attaching some pictures. We decided hey she can swim, I’m sure she can… I mean she is the fiestiest little thing when she wants to be and thinks she is one of the Labs when its obviously they could crush her.

So I placed Ginger in the water and man she looked like a little motor boat… her little feet were going a mile a minute! Not sure if she was scared or if she was trying to actually swim… mind you I didn’t let her go incase she wasn’t able to swim well… but we put her on the raft and she just sat there… Pat let her go and she did swim… maybe she can be a lab protege… we just don’t know it yet!



The URL for my blog Saturday, Jun 7 2008 

So I know that the URL for my blog seems weird when its all put together and in lower case… the more I look at it the more it bugs me… but oh well… Uncut it is…

The Apple Iphone could be the death of me… Friday, Jun 6 2008 

For all of you who have an Apple Iphone I pray that you haven’t had the problems with it like I have… Since June 29th 2007 approx. when it came out a year ago…. I have had 3 Iphones… yes three… before this phone I kept one phone for like 2-3 years!!!!!!!!!

The precious first one I owned gosh it was so pretty when I got it. I remember finding out I was going to get one… sooo excited to be the cool kid on the block! well that lasted for 6 months when I was getting out of a plane and dropped the little precious on the ground and the top button went into the phone. Apple wouldn’t replace it… had to purchase a new one for a whopping $200.

The second previous phone that I owned was great… until like a month ago when it was seriously dropping calls right and left. Turning on and off on its own. I’d be on a call with an intern, my parents, my boss and lose them because my phone would decide it was time for me to get off. I tried to fight it… it won. I took that phone in and the Apple store was so nice… great customer service… and replace my precious phone.

It has now been a month and again I am having serious issues with my phone… this time its my fault again… I dropped it in the sink when I was brushing my teeth. It wasn’t submerged, it had it’s case on it… truly not much water got on it at all…YEs I know… Just say it… you dumb ass! I thought the same thing. I fished it out pretty quick, dried it off and hoped for the best till I tried to make a call to my beloved teddi and I hear no response on the other end when my phone says we are currently on 5 seconds of the call.  Well…. with me not wanting to foot the $200 bill for a new phone I called the Apple store to see what they thought they could do… not revealing that I had dropped it in a sink of water. Honestly, you couldn’t tell at all that there was any type of water damage. I had my case on and all… Even Jeni looked at the phone and said no can’t tell. So I feel like I’m in the clear… Called the Apple Tech Support and she didn’t say one thing about water damage when I told her everything HONESTLY what it was doing ( turning on and off on its own, not letting me make a call and hear the sound etc.) Lucky for me she made notes on my account that I should be receiving a new phone…. Genius Bar appt… in 30 mins… Hopefully it goes well… or there goes $200 big ones.

 Success… I took Jeni as back up… I think it worked. Weezie our fav Apple Genius was super helpful and gave me a new precious iphone…

Maybe the Iphone isn’t quite the death of me…

Well as Jeni said… the day started low only way to go is up….So true.

Who are your “people”? Friday, Jun 6 2008 

Well… I think this question is a logical one, as well as one that everyone asks themselves… who are your people? Who are your friends? I ponder this question regularly and have realized that your true friends “your people” are those who don’t require daily attention, who don’t need a phone call once a week, let alone once a month, those who just want to say hi, those who aren’t worried about getting a birthday present, getting a christmas present… they just know you are their friend and are there for them… without it even being said. It’s the best feeling. I talk about this often with my friends that aren’t living near me. Sometimes we lose touch for a little while and once we talk again its like no time had passed at all… It is a great feeling to know people are capable of having great friendships like these. I’ve decided those type of people are “my people”…

This blogging thing is all new to me, but a good release and a way to let those friends and family that I don’t talk to ALL the time what is going on in my life. So welcome to my thoughts…:)